How to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a pan

How to fry potatoes with mushrooms in a pan

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  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Mushrooms
  • Serving 4 servings




Fried potatoes with mushrooms, the recipe is simple, but you need to know some nuances. Initially, potatoes must be thoroughly washed, because hands get dirty when peeling, and peeled potatoes are much more difficult to wash. I like to cut the halves into thin (2mm) slices. I wash the chopped potatoes, but I start to fry them well after drying them in a napkin. Pour vegetable oil into a well-heated pan and wait until it becomes hot. I spread the potatoes, but I start to interfere only after the potatoes are well browned from below. Separately, fry the mushrooms, sliced ​​in quarters. I don’t really like chopping smaller, then such small pieces of mushrooms are then simply lost in the general dish. When the bottom of the potato is browned, add the onion and the already fried champignons and continue to fry while stirring. Salt the potatoes only before the end of the frying.


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