Labor Day Decorations that Go Beyond Red, White and Blue

Labor Day Decorations that Go Beyond Red, White and Blue

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Patriotism is great, but sometimes we want to be a little more creative

These milk bottles are a cute decoration for your Labor Day bash!

Labor Day parties are some of the best there are. They are a perfect way to send summer off with a bang and spend the long weekend with friends and family. And while you’re putting together your perfect Labor Day menu, we’ve been thinking about decorations for the special day.

Typically, Labor Day decorations are all about red, white and blue. After all, this is a very patriotic holiday. But then again, the red, white and blue can get a little cliché and we want your party to be as memorable as possible. That’s why we came up with some creative and simple decorations to really make your party pop.

Vintage Labor Posters

Vintage labor posters, like Rosie the Riveter, can be found online and printed at your local office supply store. Hang them up on your walls or even on the trees in your backyard for a clever decoration that really pays tribute to what Labor Day is all about.


Department of Labor Coasters

These are a perfect way to honor the workers in America and prevent rings on your coffee table. Just make sure you have enough to go around. You can buy these fun coasters here.

(Cafe Press/Matt LeRoy)

Workman’s Centerpiece

This is a simple decoration you can make yourself. Start off with a hard hat and then lay a few tools (hammers, screwdrivers, etc) artfully around it. This centerpiece is rustic, fun, and in keeping with the theme of Labor Day. This centerpiece is probably best for a party with adults only because you don’t want kids getting their hands on the tools.


Sparkler Milk Bottles

You can buy vintage milk bottles here, and once you have them, fill them with two or three sparklers and place them around outside. Once the sun goes down, light them and watch them go. This will make for a great photo opportunity.


24 Short and Sweet Shot-Glass Desserts

Once you've baked a masterpiece, it can be so hard not to gobble down a slice. or two. or three. These pre-portioned, perfect-for-parties treats will satisfy your sweet tooth &mdash without tempting you to overindulge.

Get your dessert and drink fix in one. The top of these babies is whipped cream with vodka, the base is chocolate pudding with Kahlua &mdash so you can take your shots while looking like a grown-up.

Get the recipe at Lemons for Lulu.

All you need to do to make this decadent dessert is form the two-ingredient crust, then fill it to the brim with an easy-to-make peanut butter cheesecake filling &mdash no baking required.

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Is there anything tastier than a mint-chocolate combo? This sweet mix involves whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and lots of crumbled chocolate cookies.

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Fans of lemon meringue pie need to try these smaller shooters that are just as perfect for get-togethers as they are for an after-dinner indulgence.

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These are so easy to make, and you'll look like a total baking pro. Just whip up the key lime filling, then layer it in a shot glass with graham crackers crumbs. Voilà! Instagram-ready.

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Double the dessert with a shot glass you can eat! The chocolate chip cookie shell is the most decadent way to serve up a healthy (ha) dose of chocolate mousse.

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Doesn't birthday cake taste better when you don't have to bake it? These single-serving cake batter shots cram every you'd want for your birthday &mdash sprinkles, cheesecake, whipped cream &mdash in one little glass. Yum.

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Sweet chocolate-brownie bits, fresh tart berries, and zesty mint come together to create the ultimate dessert parfait. An added bonus: Leftover brownies can be frozen and saved for later, taken to the new neighbors' house, or scarfed down as an after-dinner snack.

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From popcorn to hot chocolate, trendy salted caramel seems to pop up in every recipe these days, and it's no wonder &mdash the tasty combination of savory and sweet makes it a tantalizing topping for any dessert, including these cute, kid-friendly shooters that are perfect for birthday parties and baby showers alike.

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Made with lemon curd, ladyfinger cookies, and a light whipped cream garnish, these bright beauties are quick and easy to make &mdash but everyone at your last big summer barbecue will think you spent hours in the kitchen.

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Even though they're made with ice cream &mdash usually a no-no for strict vegans &mdash these adorable cherry-topped shooters can easily be adapted with a soy-based ice cream to fit the diet. Drizzle with a luscious caramel sauce to impress even the pickiest dinner guests.

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Attention, chocoholics: We may have just unlocked the secret to a blissed-out existence. These terrifically tiny desserts are surprisingly simple to make &mdash just whip up your favorite brownie recipe and pudding from an instant mix, and add a little whipped cream. No one will believe how easy it was to rustle up these double-chocolate delights.

20 Beautiful DIY Wreaths That Show Guests They're Entering a Fun House

Guests will feel more than welcomed in your home thanks to these cheery homemade door decorations.

The perfect hostess always wants her guests to feel comfortable when they come over, even before they step through the door. Something as simple as your front door decor can be the difference between your guests feeling welcomed or feeling unwanted. By freshening up your front porch with a festive wreath, you can know that the first thing your guests see when they come over will let them know that they're walking into an inviting and fun environment. These DIY wreaths will help you do just that all year long, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or the holidays.

Make use of fake flowers and greenery for a rustic look, or cut up old scraps of clothing to create a fabric-focused wreath. The options are endless. And the best part about this? These wreaths are super cheap to make. Whatever your style, you can find a fun, affordable option to make from this list that will transform any house all year round.

Patriotic Decorations & Supplies

From parade candy to patriotic decorations, find fun ways to show your red, white, and blue pride for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and every other patriotic holiday. Celebrate the USA in style with America-themed products from Oriental Trading.

Shop for your next all-American celebration at Oriental Trading where you'll find affordable and high-quality patriotic party supplies and decorations in every style. From patriotic costumes and accessories to patriotic candy and outdoor decorations, we have everything you need to show your love and support for the USA - the best country in the world. Celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Election Day and remember September 11 and Veteran's Day with red, white and blue decorations and party supplies.

Stock up now on patriotic candy including bulk candy assortments, 4th of July parade candy mix, Tootsie Roll USA flag candies, patriotic mints, patriotic twist pops, Wonka Mix-Ups & more in a white, red & blue theme. Create an America themed candy buffet that all your guests will enjoy and give out the sweetest patriotic treats.

Find the perfect patriotic costume and matching accessories and take part in the annual parade. Dress up as the statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam or a colonial boy or girl and organize an educational and fun show for all your invited friends and family. Find patriotic costumes both for adults and kids and get into the spirit of the day.

Decorating in red, white & blue to remember Veteran's Day or 9/11 is simple when you're shopping for patriotic decorations from Oriental Trading. Find everything you need from personalized American flags and Americana buntings to patriotic fringe garlands and hanging fans to add a patriotic touch to your outdoor decor. Custom photo banners will add a personal touch, and the vintage lanterns will brighten up your space. Stock up now on patriotic party supplies and host the best patriotic USA theme party with decoration ideas from Oriental Trading.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 31st, 2021. Independence Day is Sunday, July 4, 2021. Veterans' Day is Thursday, November 11, 2020. Celebrate the USA in style with America-themed products from Oriental Trading.

There are so many wonderful ideas to choose from. Let’s start porch decorating! From front porches to a screened porch, we have lots of ideas for outdoor decorating. I love diy projects for holiday decorating. These are perfect for 4th of July decorations or Memorial Day! From Porch ideas to the front door and other outdoor spaces, patriotic decorations will give your home curb appeal. It will look so festive to see a red white and blue patriotic porch. You can even make your porch spring festive with fourth of July decor. I like to put a few patriotic throw pillows on the swing. Grab an American Flag and get ready for independence day with lots decorations diy style!

Add some patriotic flair to your home with one of these Free 4th of July printables. We have 10 patriotic printables to help make your home festive for Independence Day.

Who is ready for their annual 4th of July party? I know we are! It is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate as a family. Find lots of delicious 4th of July Dessert Recipes that the entire family can make and enjoy.

Make these Patriotic ribbon flip flops for less than $5 and in just 20 minutes!

Holiday Recipes

Get set to celebrate with holiday recipes from My Food and Family. Here you'll find our recipe collections for a number of holidays. Need to figure out traditional Irish recipes for St. Pat's Day? Looking to start the fiesta with Cinco de Mayo ideas? Need to fill out the candy bowl with Halloween-themed sweets? Pulling together Kwanzaa recipes for your first time hosting? No worries. All of our holiday recipes are sure to invoke just the right sentiment. Plus, we have holiday cooking videos to simplify even the most difficult of holiday recipes.

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4b.44f/adaptivemedia/rendition/kr-4th-of-july-recipes-1349x475.jpg?id=d841a6fe9255ff73b004b5696892548942b41233&ht=150&wd&version=1&clid=pim&yocs=23_2f_" />

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4b.44f/kraftrecipes/1533207235308-1533207224454-chocolate-marshmallow-cookies-129973-600x250.jpg?yocs=23_2f_" />

4b.44f/adaptivemedia/rendition/mff-hero-new-years-1349x475.jpg?id=94a5888d4604c8964b8037bda86ca02c4bd7ceff&ht=150&wd&version=1&clid=pim&yocs=23_2f_" />

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4b.44f/adaptivemedia/rendition/573578_1500x1000.jpg?id=72bcf30b864752ad9ee5f267a0aba00de5c5e5a7&ht=150&wd&version=1&clid=pim&yocs=23_2f_" />

4b.44f/adaptivemedia/rendition/53204_3000x2000.jpg?id=b5704bcbe8cc2be30bae6595c42154a54cddf6b0&ht=150&wd&version=1&clid=pim&yocs=23_2f_" />

4b.44f/kraftrecipes/1533201045095-1533201042299-marshmallow-apple-smiles-178693-580x250.jpg?yocs=23_2f_" />

4b.44f/kraftrecipes/1533201943963-1533201941768-passover-cheesecake-strawberry-sauce-53798-580x250.jpg?yocs=23_2f_" />

Labor Day ironically causes some of the longest working hours for retail workers.

Labor Day weekend is notorious for having crazy sales. But unfortunately, this means retail workers (a faction that makes up 6% of the country's employment system) have to work longer hours on a day specially dedicated to labor appreciation. In fact, many other professionals are expected to work on Labor Day as well including correctional officers, police officials, firefighters, nurses, and more.

Cappel’s Costume and Party Supply Store

We, at Cappel’s, are excited for spring of 2021! Come visit your go-to place for party supplies, balloons, decorations, face masks, costumes, and accessories.

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your next party? Contact our support staff for suggestions and see what Cappel’s has to offer.

April is a great month for outdoor and drive-by parties to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or retirement. At Cappel’s you’ll find everything you need from Yard Signs to Balloons, to fun things to wear!

Say goodbye to winter! Our floral selections are out and ready to decorate for spring and summer Holidays and every party theme! We also have photo props to make memories filled with funny faces and holiday smiles.

Cappel’s has all of the Red, White, and Blue decorations and even costumes you need to celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. You’ll even find masks of famous people in history and costumes for a parade or drive-by celebration.

These Patriotic Memorial Day Crafts Will Let Your Kids Have Fun In & Out of the Sun

Memorial Day is supposed to be all about honoring members of the military who died in service, not just a day to shop and the kickoff to barbecue season. Then again, what else did our veterans fight for but the right to bask in warm weather and play with fire? Of course, as parents, this holiday means something else too: Another day off from school in which we have to keep our children entertained. Which is why we’d like to make Memorial Day a holiday for honoring fallen soldiers with a lot of patriotic craft projects.

What? Memorial Day crafts aren’t already a staple in your house? Every parent needs some long-weekend quiet time, so it’s high time you planned a crafternoon.

These days, everyone observes the day differently &mdash many families visit memorials or cemeteries some hit up those Memorial Day sales others have backyard barbecues, and some make time for all of the above. But in addition to teaching kids about the somber meaning behind the day, you can feel free to have some of that aforementioned holiday fun. Enter: these patriotic Memorial Day crafts the whole family will love.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you&rsquoll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

DIY patriotic pinwheel

Can any kid turn down a pinwheel? And it’s so much more fun when they can make them themselves. KiwiCo has some easy-to-follow instructions on how to fashion it for a twirly good time. While you’re at it, you can subscribe to get more craft projects (with STEM lessons built-in) delivered straight to your door for all those other times you’ll need new activity ideas.

Red, white & blue star tea towel

This sweet and subtle design is easy to make and even easier to use all summer long. Head to Sparkle Living for the full tutorial on how to make patriotic prints using fabric paint.

Patriotic suncatcher

Image: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Kids will be eager to see their finished patriotic suncatchers hung up in the backyard. All you need is contact paper, tissue paper, and card stock.

American flag paint stick project

Image: Glue Dots

This adorable American flag craft from Glue Dots is not only easy to do, it also creates some seriously awesome front door decor.

Stars & stripes paper bag kite

Image: Fun Loving Families

This patriotic paper bag kite project from Fun Loving Families flutters in the breeze and gives your outdoor space a festive lift.

Fireworks painting

Image: Happiness is Homemade

Talk about an easy arts and crafts project. All you need is toilet paper or paper towel tubes red, white and blue paint and a few other supplies to make these fireworks.

Egg carton American flag

Image: Crafty Morning

Kids will proudly show off their egg carton American flag.

Straw American flag

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

An easy-to-do classic, I Heart Crafty Things shows how cute a straw flag can be.

Shaving cream fireworks

Image: I Can Teach My Child

I Can Teach My Child shows us you can use really anything for your arts and crafts project &mdash including shaving cream.

Patriotic jar candle

Image: Fantastic, Fun and Learning

Making a jar candle with kids is an open-ended, creative and fun project that has some really stunning results. The folks at Fantastic, Fun and Learning take you step-by-step through this DIY.

Decorating with Red, White, and Blue

Memorial Day is a week away, Flag Day is June 14, Independence Day is a little over a month away, and we’re in the middle of a pretty interesting election year. With all the upcoming patriotic events, I thought I’d share some inspiration from Houzz on decorating with red, white, and blue! I think it’s a fun look for the upcoming summer months.

Red, white, and blue look crisp and clean in this nautical style family room. Sometimes all you need to add a patriotic touch is a few pillows, especially a vintage flag pillow!

This dining nook gets a little patriotic flair with red and blue pillows, yet it’s not so over-the-top that you have to change out the decor once 4th of July has come and gone.

I love this kitchen!! I love the huge island, red bar stools, and hardwood floor. I love the classic blue willow china above the stove. I love the red hutch on the side and the windows that let in plenty of natural light. I could be very happy in this red, white, and blue kitchen. Do you like it too?

A single framed flag packs a patriotic punch in any room when decorating with red, white, and blue.

A light-filled room makes dramatic use of the color red, mixed with white and a little blue.

Another framed flag makes its appearance in this country style living room with its weathered wood ceiling and rustic walls. Oversized pillows add comfort and a patriotic touch.

Why stop at one framed flag? This cheerful family room enjoys a gallery wall of ’em! Plenty of white keeps the room fresh while a nautical rope chandelier hangs overhead.

Red, white, and blue look great in a nautical style bedroom. Fun life preservers add whimsy while sweet quilts add softness and homestyle charm. A basket filled with flags stand ready to wave at a holiday parade.

Have you ever considered painting a ceiling a dark color? This blue ceiling reflects the blue of the bedding below. The large flag on the wall creates an striking graphic element.

Decorating with red, white, and blue can be fun, as evidenced in this classic coastal style bedroom. You can’t go wrong with striped bedding, and the red blanket adds a nice pop of color.

The softer side of patriotic decorating makes its appearance in this pretty sunroom. Throws and pillows add red, white, and blue to this traditional sunroom.

A porch is a great place to add a touch of red, white, and blue. Perfect all summer long!

In other news … you still have the rest of today (May 23) to enter to win the $50 gift card from Antique Farmhouse. I’m announcing the winner tomorrow! You can enter here.

I’m also announcing a special giveaway and opportunity on Wednesday. And finally, we’re celebrating Farmhouse Friday this week with a patriotic theme. Be sure to come back for a little inspiration!

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Thanks for the great red, white and blue ideas. I’ve just started getting my stuff out. I’d love to win the give away. They have so many beautiful items.

I love red, white & blue decor so these pics spoke to me. Thanks for putting them all in one place for me.

Have a great day and Memorial weekend.

I would move in. I especially love all the material used on the bedding and other furniture and the willow ware shown in the beautiful kitchen.

Lots of beautiful red, white and blue inspiration…had fun pinning away. Can’t believe Memorial Day is around the corner!

Beautiful photos – where would you reccomend getting the life preserversand ores? They look awesome.

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