The Friday Buzz: Souper Cubes, Chocolate Sesame Milk, and Cotton Candy Grapes

The Friday Buzz: Souper Cubes, Chocolate Sesame Milk, and Cotton Candy Grapes

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Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this fabulous week: Souper Cubes, Chocolate Sesame Milk, Cotton Candy Grapes and so, so, so much more!

Fall is literally knocking at our door right now and I’m so excited! The cooler weather, the scents of spices and apples, and the vibrant colors… I’m just a little excited, can you tell?

With the change in weather came a change in schedules. School started this past week and it’s been glorious. While I love the freedom summer brings, the last two weeks of summer vacation is pretty darn rough. There was one day where my twins sat on the counter and literally ate whipped cream from the jar I made it in, just so I could put away the groceries in peace. Meanwhile my three other girls were baking brownies, making lemonade for the lemonade stand, and the dog was at everyone’s heels trying to get in all the action. Did I mention the laundry timer went off and my weekly batch of yogurt needed attending to? It was the very definition of chaos! Believe me when I say I’m ever so grateful for new routines, a fresh change of pace, and a chance to have a few quiet moments to myself!

And on a completely unrelated note… let’s bring on Our Site Team faves!


  • Souper Handy: With soup season upon us, Megan showed us these Souper Cubes for freezing food in perfect portions. Like, whoa.
  • It’s tea time! Andy has been enjoying Taro Bubble Tea as a little afternoon pick-me-up!
  • No dairy? No problem! Carrie has been digging this chocolate sesame milk. It’s not too sweet, and has some good plant-based protein.
  • Spring into fall! If you need something to help with the transition into fall, Emma recommends diving into this sensational salad from Bon Appétit.
  • The art of noodles… If there’s one thing you do today, please watch this beautiful video about handmade noodles. It was breathtaking to watch. Serious Eats also has some serious info on soba noodles!
  • Cotton Candy Grapes: Ever had them? They come out during select times of the year and I literally bought 6 bags, which were devoured in less than 24 hours by my family.


There seems to be some buzz around freezing leftover wine. Lots of readers are wondering how in the world there could even BE leftover wine? Tell us your thoughts here.


Marilyn is now truly converted to the idea of chocolate + bananas. She left this comment on our Chocolate Banana Bread:

I always thought the idea of bananas and chocolate was gross until I tried this recipe for my grandson. I’m a convert! This bread is almost cake-like, super moist, yet light. Nice balance between chocolate and banana flavors. I followed the recipe as written, but only needed 55 min bake time. Will definitely make this again.

Cheers to chocolate and cheers to September!

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