Zesty Potato Skin

Zesty Potato Skin

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These potato skins have a Southwestern kick that helps to create the perfect snack. The unusual pairing of lime and potato gives them a festive flavor that, with the creamy dressing, makes them a true treat.


  • 6 medium red potatoes, baked
  • vegetable oil spray
  • 1/2 Teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/8 Teaspoon pepper
  • 8 Ounces fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese, undrained
  • 1/2 Teaspoon grated lime zest
  • 1 1/2 Teaspoon fresh lime juice
  • 1 Teaspoon dried chives
  • 1/4 Teaspoon chili powder
  • 24 black olive slices


Calories Per Serving170

Folate equivalent (total)31µg8%

Spicy Potato Skins Recipe – 5 Points

First of all folks, I sincerely apologize for the delay in posting new recipes! My family and I just relocated to Orange County, CA from Los Angeles, and the past few weeks have been CRAZY HECTIC. I’ve had absolutely no time to blog and new Weight Watchers recipes.

But as my life gets back in order, I’m doing my best to keep this site updated and add new recipes more frequently. Additionally, I’m also working on some big changes for the site, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on that. :)

Anyway, on to today’s tasty recipe! With dreams of Superbowl foods dancing in my head, I wanted to share this delicious and easy Spicy Potato Skins Recipe that has just a 5 Points value for 2 filled skins.

Keeping the true flavor of this popular appetizer recipe, you get all the taste you expect, but a LOT less fat and calories. It’s so yummy, no one will have any idea it’s for weight watchers!

So if you are looking for a good weight watchers Super Bowl recipe or just a delicious low calorie snack recipe for anytime, these spicy chipotle potato skins will get you super excited!

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving
Calories 95
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 2.5g 3%
Saturated Fat 0g 1%
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.5g
Monounsaturated Fat 1.5g
Cholesterol 2mg 1%
Sodium 145mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 1.5g 5%
Total Sugars 2g
Includes 0g Added Sugars 0%
Sugar Alcohol 0g
Other Carbohydrate 11g
Protein 4g
Vitamin D 0mcg 0%
Calcium 36.2mg 2%
Iron 0.7mg 4%
Potassium 375mg 8%
Vitamin A 5.3mcg 0%
Vitamin C 7.2mg 8%
Vitamin E 0.2mg 0%
Vitamin K 2.7mcg 2%
Thiamin 0.1mg 6%
Riboflavin 0.1mg 6%
Niacin 1.7mg 10%
Vitamin B6 0.1mg 8%
Folate 15.9mcg 4%
Vitamin B12 0.1mcg 6%
Biotin 0mcg 0%
Chloride 0mg 0%
Pantothenate 0.3mg 6%
Phosphorus 99.3mg 8%
Iodine 0mcg 0%
Magnesium 19.7mg 4%
Zinc 0.4mg 4%
Selenium 3.1mcg 6%
Copper 0.1mg 15%
Manganese 0.1mg 6%
Chromium 0mcg 0%
Molybdenum 0mcg 0%

* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


Red Potatoes, Fat Free Cottage Cheese (cultured Pasteurized Skim Milk, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey, Salt, Corn Starch, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid And Carbon Dioxide (to Maintain Freshness), Vitamin A Palmitate, Enzymes), Lime Juice, Cooking Spray (canola Oil (adds A Trivial Amount Of Fat), Palm Oil (adds A Trivial Amount Of Fat), Coconut Oil (adds A Trivial Amount Of Fat), Lecithin From Soybeans (non Stick Agent), Dimethyl Silicone (for Anti-foaming), Rosemary Extract (preservative)), Black Olives (ripe Olives, Water, Sea Salt, Ferrous Gluconate (an Iron Derivative)), Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Lime Zest, Chives, Black Pepper.

What are red skin potatoes?

There are many types of potatoes all around the world. The most common of these are white potatoes and yellow potatoes. You can easily find these in any grocery store. These potatoes are super versatile and differ little on the basis of starch content.

There is one more type of potatoes that is rather very eye-catching. This type is the red potatoes. If you visit a farmers market, or a fresh vegetable aisle of any grocery store, your eyes might have landed on the red potatoes. Here is everything you need to know about these potatoes:

  • Appearance: From the first look, you will immediately notice the bring red-colored skin of these potatoes. The red ruby color makes them stand out in the potato crowd. As for the size is concerned, they range from small to medium. The shape is quite oval and is uniform. The red skin is smooth, along with brown spots or speckles.
  • Internal: When you cut a red potato, the contrast is quite unique. Unlike the red exterior, the interior is white, crisp, and firm.
  • Flavor: It is not just the appearance that is unique, but the flavor as well. Red potatoes have a mild flavor. Furthermore, they have an earthy and buttery flavor which everyone loves.
  • Texture: As for the texture, it is quite waxy and dense. That’s because they have a high starch content.

It is said that red potatoes were first cultivated in Peru. Then, in the 1560’s when the Spanish explorers brought the potatoes with them to Europe. From them being exported, now these potatoes are quite commonly found all over the world.

  1. Preheat the oven to gas 7, 220°C, fan 200°C. Prick the potatoes all over with a fork. Rub the oil over the skins, then rub with a little salt. Put the potatoes on a baking tray and bake for 1 hr, turning halfway through to cook evenly until completely tender when pierced with a skewer or sharp knife.
  2. Remove from the oven and carefully cut the hot potatoes in half to allow the steam to escape. Cool slightly, then scoop out most of the flesh into a large mixing bowl, being careful to keep the skins intact.
  3. Add the Cheddar, chives, mustard and butter. Mash together until thoroughly combined but not completely smooth. Scoop the mixture back into the skins, mounding it up to fill them.
  4. Return to the oven and bake for 15 mins until lightly browned and golden on top. Serve straightaway or add extra toppings, as you like.

Tip: These are delicious on their own, but you can top the baked potatoes with any tasty ingredients you like. Try dolloping on ricotta and topping with slices of roasted pepper and fresh basil leaves, adding sliced avocado and spicy chilli, or a classic piece of smoked salmon with fresh dill.

Not-So-Unhealthy Cheese Fries

Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

While delicious, the idea of eating fried potatoes covered in cheese at a restaurant is rather dangerous for your waistline. Enter our very easy home version that keeps the calories low by baking the potatoes, but still brings all the flavor you love from a hearty cheese fries dish. It's all about proportions, and we put together the perfect amount of cheese, crumbled bacon, and pickled jalapeños.

Get our recipe for Not-So-Unhealthy Cheese Fries.

Spicy Poutine Potato Skins

Ground venison in a gravy made with spicy black bean chili sauce and tossed with some mixed vegetables and salty cheese curds make these Spicy Poutine Potato Skins a complete meal! I'm so excited to bring this recipe to you sponsored by Idaho® potatoes and the Sunday Supper Movement!

Our theme for our post today is "Let's Poutine"! We were instructed to make a poutine recipe using Idaho® potatoes. The challenge comes in with the term "no French fries" to be used! I'm very excited and anxious to see all of the creations that inspired minds came up with today!

Growing up in northern New York along the Canadian border, Poutine was a familiar term to us. Those of us who grew up in my area were extremely familiar with Cheese Curds fresh made from the cheese factory. There were certain days of the week that you could call in an order and stop by to pick the cheese up fresh the day it was made. Those days were some of the most looked forward to days of my young life!

When brainstorming for this recipe, my mind went to my spicy/sweet mode. I love having a little sweet with my heat and I also love a little salt with my sweet. Grumpy suggested I use ground venison. I went that way because it makes sense to do so considering we have a freezer full of venison!

Some of my favorite flavors are Asian-inspired and one of my favorite ways to spice up recipes is with a spicy black bean chili sauce. I used the chili sauce as my spicy, a tiny bit of brown sugar substitute as my sweet to complement that spice, and the cheese curd as the salty component and put it all in a potato skin bowl. Oh my! This was one of the most flavorful potato skins I have ever eaten!

We will definitely be eating this again and considering the gorgeous Idaho® potatoes I had were fairly large, we made these into a meal. You could easily make these into an appetizer by slicing the potatoes into rounds and baking them and turn it into a nacho dish as well!

Be sure to check out all the other creative recipes in this line up and let me know, how would you get creative with the "Let's Poutine!" theme?

Today is the first ever National Sunday Supper Day and all month long we are honoring families around the table! Have you taken the Sunday Supper Pledge? Help us Celebrate by entering the Idaho® Potato Let’s Poutine recipe contest, with prizes of $500, $200 and $100, plus a ticket for each winner to Food and Wine Conference 2016! All the rules and conditions for entry can be found on our Sunday Supper Movement website.

This post is sponsored by the Idaho® Potato Commission in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.

Be sure to follow the Idaho® Potato Commission on their social channels!

For more creative ideas follow our Pinterest Board featuring Idaho Potato Recipes!

Join the #SundaySupper conversation on Twitter on Sunday! We tweet throughout the day and share recipes from all over the world. Our weekly chat starts at 7 p.m. ET. Follow the #SundaySupper hashtag and remember to include it in your tweets to join in the chat.


Loaded potato skins don’t have to be packed with cheese – if you fancy a healthier version, leave it out and swap in sweet potatoes instead of white ones. Mix the flesh with this pepper and bean chilli (omit the sweet potato from the original if you like), scoop the mixture back into the potato skins, then serve with chunky guacamole , a fresh tomato salsa , sliced fresh chilli and lime wedges for squeezing over.

How to:

These are simple to make, but they are a bit hands-on and do take some time.

First, you&rsquoll want to bake your potatoes. Wash them well and sprinkle with salt before popping them in a 400 degree oven for an hour.

Once the potatoes are cool enough to handle, slice them in half and scoop out the insides. You&rsquoll want to leave a bit of potato around the edges to help the potato skins hold up.

You can use the scooped out potatoes to make my baked potato salad or just mash them up with milk and butter.

Crisp the skins up in the hot oven for about 10 minutes. This will help them hold their shape and give them a nice texture when we&rsquore mowing down on them like we haven&rsquot seen food in a month. <&ndash They&rsquore hard to resist, ok?

For the filling, you&rsquoll just stir together cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, jalapeno, and garlic.

Spoon the cheese mixture into the potato skins and sprinkle on loads of crumbled bacon.

I like to serve these up with ranch dressing (or sour cream) for dipping.

Spicy Potato Skins Appetizer for Parties!


  • Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce (however many drops you like for Spicy)
  • Potatoes
  • 1 cup Black Beans


First wash your potatoes super good. I even use soap these days….umm yes I rinse super good Then pierce several holes into the potatoes so they don’t explode.

Now you can either Bake your Potatoes in the oven or in the microwave, depending on your time frame.

While your Potatoes are cooking, mix together the Beans, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice and 1/2 cup cheese in a bowl.

Now add the Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce to your taste. I added 5 drops and it was not too spicy at all. This sauce is very mild but has a fantastic Jalapeno flavor, which is great for those that don’t want something too spicy. It was great for my husband who just can’t handle Spice!

After Potatoes are cooked, let them cool for about 10 – 15 minutes…or you will burn your hands!

Then cut your Potatoes to the size you would like your appetizers to be. Carefully cut out the inner potato to about 1/4 inch of the peel.

Don’t throw away the rest of the potato! Keep and use for your dinner or for another time.

Place Potatoes on a baking sheet and top with about a Tablespoon of the Black Bean Mixture. Then top with the remaining cheese.

Bake in a 425 degree oven for about 15 minutes until the Cheese is nice and bubbly…or less if you want it more gooey.

If you want you can sprinkle with more finely chopped Tomatoes and a tiny bit of Cilantro to pretty it up for serving.

These Spicy Potato Skins turned out great and would be a delicious party food for any occasion, definitely!

You could also DEFINITELY make these ahead of time and if you are really ambitious you could make extra and freeze! You know me.. I LOVE to freeze everything!

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