Brussels sprouts salad

Brussels sprouts salad

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  1. Brussels sprouts 250 gr
  2. apple 1 pc.
  3. walnuts 50 gr
  4. wine vinegar 2 tbsp
  5. olive oil 2 tbsp
  6. honey 1 tsp
  7. parsley leaves to taste
  8. black pepper to taste
  9. salt to taste
  • Main ingredientsApple, Nuts, Honey, Greens


Dry the walnuts in a pan and let them cool. Mix wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, honey. Add parsley leaves, mix.
Brussels sprouts cut into thin rings. Chop nuts with a knife.
Mix chopped apple, brussels sprouts and nuts in a bowl. Pepper, add dressing with parsley leaves and mix. When serving in plates, sprinkle with parsley leaves and parmesan cheese chips.