Pickled oyster mushrooms (champignons) instant

Pickled oyster mushrooms (champignons) instant

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  1. oyster mushrooms 700 gr
  2. 5 cloves garlic
  3. water 150 ml
  4. salt 1 tsp
  5. sugar 1 tsp with a slide
  6. allspice 4 peas
  7. black pepper 10 peas
  8. bay leaf 1-2 pcs.
  9. cloves 2 buds
  10. apple cider vinegar 3 tbsp
  11. vegetable oil 3 tbsp
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms


pan, knife, board


1. Wash the mushrooms well, chop or leave whole, as you prefer. With further heat treatment, the mushrooms will decrease in volume.

2. Finely chop the garlic.

3. Boil water, add all the spices.

4. Add vinegar and vegetable oil.

5. Add all the mushrooms to the pan and cook for 25 minutes. All spices can be placed in a small tea pot, it is very convenient to remove them later, so as not to come across when eating.

Oyster mushrooms can be eaten as soon as they have completely cooled. It will be even tastier if you cool them in the refrigerator.