Plum jam for the winter

Plum jam for the winter

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  1. Plum 3.5 kg;
  2. Sugar 3.5 kg.
  • Main Ingredients Plum, Sugar
  • Portion 9 liter cans


Large iron bowl, large spoon, half liter cans, iron lids, seaming machine


For this jam we need a ripe plum (this year I took blackthorn, but it turns out very tasty and from the eel). Wash it thoroughly and let it drain excess fluid. Divide all the plums into halves.
We fill the plums with sugar and leave for 5 hours, until the fruits let the juice go. Mix very carefully with a wooden spatula.
We put on fire and bring to a boil, reduce the heat to the maximum and boil for about 5 minutes, constantly stirring and removing the resulting foam. After boiling a little, remove from heat and leave the jam covered for 10 hours. We carry out the same procedure the next day (I usually leave it for the night, and boil it again in the morning).
Such procedures need 2-3. The more times you boil it, the thicker the plum jam will be for the winter.
We pour hot jam into sterilized jars, roll it up and send it to the pantry or cellar.