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Good morning ! I haven't prepared a live recipe in a long time. And, because in the last month I ate the famous Tafelspitz twice, I decided to prepare it together this Sunday.

At the beginning of February, I ran to Vienna, together with Iri, Cata and Oana. Since November, I think we had reserved tickets for Andre Rieu's concert (thank you Medi for telling me about him then, I'm sorry you didn't come with us!).

Above is a clip, filmed by a spectator, of the superb concert!

And, if we still arrived in Vienna, we could not avoid the famous restaurant Plachutta, which hosted us in December 2009.

About Tafelspitz

"Favorite food of Kaiser Franz Joseph, Tafelspitz is one of the most famous dishes of Austrian cuisine. The name defines the lean, tender flesh between the base of the tail and the flesh of the cow - called by our butchers "lid" or "rasol".

Tafelspitzbecame more popular than ever in the late 19th century, when it crowned the menu of the legendary Viennese hotel Meissl & Schadn, a place "of the distinguished bourgeoisie that does not want to see anyone or be seen by anyone," as one said. contemporary, - the opposite of today's place, frequented "to see and be seen". The hotel’s restaurant offered no less than 24 kinds of boiled beef. The hotel burned down during the bombings of 1945. Fortunately, the tradition has not been lost. And not even the recipe ", writes Dilema Veche.

Pictures 2-7: Tafelspitz at Plachutta

Pictures 8-12: Tafelspitz in Tyrol (International hotel / Sinaia)

If I kept showing you the pictures, you're probably wondering now which was better? Well, the difference is pretty big. The people from Tyrol don't laugh either, but they only reach 50-60% of the taste of the one from Plachutta.

About Franz Joseph

(b. August 18, 1830, Vienna - d. November 21, 1916, Vienna) was an Austrian emperor from the House of Habsburg, king of Hungary and Bohemia, king of Croatia, grand duke of Bukovina, grand prince of Transylvania, marquis of Moravia, Grand Duke of Serbia, etc. from 1848 to 1916.

His 68-year reign was the third longest in Europe, after that of King Louis XIV of France and Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein.

At Peles Castle you can visit the imperial apartment that King Carol arranged especially for Franz Joseph.

We return to our recipe:

I bought 4 beautiful pieces of beef broth yesterday. Wash the meat well and put it to boil until the first water is colored, which is thrown away!

Then let it simmer for about 3-4 hours, and add the vegetables an hour before the end.

And ... for Cook and Smile on our site to tell you a good joke:

At a hunting party, an elegant man from Stockholm shoots a duck. However, the bird falls into the yard of a farmer, who claims that the game belongs to him.

"It's my bird," the townsman insisted.

The farmer suggests that the old-fashioned dispute be settled with a "blunt shot":

- I shoot you as hard as I can in the balls, then you do the same with me. Whoever screams less takes the bird. The man agrees. The farmer shoots him hard in the sensitive parts. When he recovers, the citizen whispers with difficulty:

- Good. Now it's my turn.

"Leave it," says the peasant. You can keep the duck.


Horseradish apple sauce goes great with Tafelspitz!

At both restaurants we've talked about so far, Tafelspitz was served with a garnish of finely chopped and pan-fried potatoes, but also with two types of sauce. The first, with mayonnaise, mustard and chivas, and the second, an excellent apple sauce with horseradish (grated apples, horseradish, a little lemon juice, salt - mix and then put on a plate with the piece of beef)

Sequence from Tyrol Restaurant (Sinaia).

The guy in the clip is a sensational singer. It was filmed by me at the Tirol restaurant, where the atmosphere lasted for hours. I don't know his name, but he deserves congratulations! When he sang Chilian's song "10", a waiter from the next room came to see if Chilian didn't sing it :))).

Back the recipe

I cleaned 4-5 carrots, 2-3 parsley roots, 2 parsnips, a celery and I added them, along with two unpeeled onions in the bowl in which the broth has been boiling for about two hours. Let it cook for another hour with the vegetables.

The advantage of Tafelspitz is that it's about 2 in one :))). First you put in the Polish soup bowls with some vegetables, and then you eat, as a second course, the brine with potatoes (or spinach) and sauces ...

And now a dedication for you!

And if it's still a quiet Sunday, here's a Chris Isaak

At this moment I am listening to www.magicfm.ro

I grated 4 not very big apples and mixed them with 2 teaspoons of horseradish and a little lemon juice ... If you want the apples not to oxidize, then it would be good to boil them before making them puree (but also lemon does its job - see the tip)

It's not long before we stop cooking the meat. It is already very tender and the taste is excellent.

Next, peel the potatoes, which I will put on the large grater and pull them into the pan.

Matthew is the first to enjoy a portion of soup. Iri put a little green on top of it, it looks great.

Ready, soon the final pictures. Then I go to eat like a faint of lust :)))

The unique gastronomic experiences that are worth trying in Vienna

About those unique gastronomic experiences that are worth trying in Vienna because they are only local. They create closer ties with the customs, history and culture of Vienna and Austria.

Vienna has, for seven years in a row, ranked first globally in terms of the quality of life of its residents. Vienna has a lot to offer tourists, from music and art to history and fun, even as a family, so you can't see and test everything that matters from the first visit. It doesn't matter how many times you visit Vienna, every time it will surprise you with something new, which delights your senses and urges you to come back.

And gourmets also have reason to be attracted to Vienna. If it sounds appetizing an original menu consisting of a piece of apfelstrudel (apple strudel) or a slice of sachertorte (chocolate cake and apricot jam), after a portion of sausages stuffed with meat and cheese, possibly taken from a ton directly on the street or a schnitzel "like his mother" from a pretentious restaurant , or not, then you should be satisfied with the cuisine of Vienna Of course, these dishes are not the easiest and after them goes a coffee, it is said that it is good for digestion, and Viennese love cappuccino (but do not drink it with cream ). A glass of liqueur Mozart or a glass of wine from the region’s vineyards are also an important part of the Viennese menu.

Here are the local experiences and dishes and the most famous places where you can enjoy them

-Taste the real Viennese schnitzel schnitzel. Very thin, well beaten, with tender flesh inside and crispy coating, wiener schnitzel first established itself in Vienna over a century ago. It doesn't matter that the Italians also have their schnitzel-cotoletta alla Milanese-, according to an older recipe! Although it is said that we eat with our eyes first, the fame of this dish that borrowed its name from Vienna has gone far beyond the city limits, although it does not look very elegant. The road to Viennese plates and then to those around the world began "in documents" in 1905, in a small restaurant near St. Stephen's Cathedral. restaurant Figlmüller he is the one who assumes the role of inventing the Viennese schnitzel, the success came and was maintained, and the location of the restaurant remained the same. The portions are generous, the meat is well beaten, wiener schnitzel is served with lemon, salad and mashed potatoes. Although it's not a diet menu, it is delicious!

Other well-rated restaurants for Viennese schnitzels include Schnitzelwirt, Skopik & Lohn and Pfarrwirt.

-Go to the oldest restaurant in Vienna, Griechenbeisl. Old dishes, full of flavor, in a historic location, you can try at the oldest inn in the Austrian capital, Griechenbeisl. Typical Viennese and Austrian dishes, cooked according to old recipes, which also pleased Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Strauss, Brahms, Mark Twain and members of the imperial family.

Griechenbeisl is a bit more expensive, but not out of the way, it is not in the category of strip restaurants that Vienna does not lack. It is located in the historic center of Vienna, on a cobbled street lined with picturesque buildings.

Among other traditional dishes worth trying in Vienna is tafelspitz (beef cooked with vegetables and spices in broth). It seems that Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, adored tafelspitz and did not miss this meal at any table.

Try apfelstrudel–The apple strudel! Who would have thought that a homemade dessert as simple as apfelstrudel would be so successful? You can't go wrong with it in Vienna, whether you have a glass of ice cream or a few "bites" of cream.

Choose a gastronomic trip around the world, in the heart of the city. If you are open to new culinary experiences, then go in Naschmarkt. This market entices you with Austrian, Italian or international à la carte restaurants. There is no shortage of delicatessens of all kinds, including Asian and Oriental, and stalls with spices, spices, teas, fruits, vegetables and semi-finished products. Frequently frequented by Viennese, the Naschmarkt is located near the Viennese Secession Building and is closed on Sundays, like many other shops and markets where you can shop.

-On the way to Wachau Valley, you can see a part of the vineyards that surround the hills of Vienna. In autumn, it is worth visiting these vineyards and tasting their wines, some famous, others more and more appreciated internationally.

-If you are hungry or you feel like something consistent and local, try a sausage. The tonnages on Vienna's great pedestrian boulevards are a well-deserved stop in this case. They are open early in the morning and late at night on the main pedestrian arteries and it is not at all unusual to see people dressed in expensive costumes and tourists from who knows from which corner of the globe biting greedily from sausages. There are several varieties of sausages, you can choose from Bratwürst, Käsekrainer and Frankfurtert, you can opt for sweet or spicy mustard and you will also receive a fluffy bun. Diet is not included in the price!

Käsekrainer it is an assortment of Viennese sausage stuffed with meat and cheese, it is delicious and can make you forget the silhouette from the first bite. The tuna with sausages also has this assortment, it is worth trying, it is the cheapest "snack"!

Coffee and cafes they are a culture in Vienna, a more pleasant and relaxing way to get into the spirit of the place is hard to find. In some of the cafes history was written, others were the favorites of musicians and writers. One of these cafes is Café Central (inaugurated in 1876), where Viennese writers used to meet, Sigmund Freud also came here. The cafe continues to take advantage of the reputation of its literary past but also to lure its guests with traditional dishes. Café Museum, from Karlplatz, was the painter's favorite Gustav Klimt.

-Frauenhuber (photo source Frauenhuber) is the oldest café in Vienna, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven performed. In fact, Mozart's last public show took place here, on March 4, 1791. Like many other cafes with a story behind it, and at the Frauenhuber (Himmelpfortgasse), the furniture is retro, the dishes and cakes are traditional, the waiters are also old fashion. So, to introduce you to the atmosphere of the place.

-Test a cake created especially for the royal taste buds, in 1832. It has chocolate and apricot jam and there is an always crowded cafe that recommends the place where the first one was created. sachertorte.

Tips. Because you were curious to read to the end, here are more tips about Vienna. Some restaurants and cafes, especially those in the center and some of the famous ones, have included in the bill a "coperto", a mandatory tip, as they say. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of consumption. Other restaurants or breweries include the tip in the bill. The tip on the receipt thus becomes 10 percent of the value of the bill. About the most beautiful and interesting tourist attractions in Vienna read here.

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Kaiserschmarrn Austrian recipe for imperial crumbs

Kaiserschmarrn Austrian recipe (imperial crumbs, császármorzsa, blackberry or emerald) & # 8211 a kind of imperial pancakes broken into pieces, powdered with sugar. Kaiserschmarrn is another classic of Austrian cuisine with Käsekrainer (cheese sausages), Germknödel (dumplings stuffed with poppy seeds), Tafelspitz (beef broth with vegetables), Ischler (hazelnut cakes and chocolate icing) or Linzer (tender dough cakes filled with currant or apricot jam covered with a grill of dough) and Tort Sacher (Sachertorte). Very popular in Transylvania and Banat, cooked at home by our grandparents and great-grandparents, along with traditional dishes.

Kaiserschmarrn does not have a fixed recipe, it can be made with white flour or a mixture of flour and semolina, it can be more fluid or more consistent depending on the amount of milk. Musai contains vanilla and raisins & # 8222painted & # 8221 in rum (helps to grow the dough) and is served hot, powdered well with sugar with compote or fruit jam (plums, apricots). It can also be prepared entirely on the stove, without the oven. I chose the option with direct fire and subsequent baking in the oven. There are options where it is recommended to turn the dough on a plate and put it back in the pan and then break it into pieces. I crumble it from the beginning, like everyone else does as they see fit.

After all, Kaiserschmarrn is a bitter pancake batter in which eggs are separated and the egg whites are whipped and incorporated later. Or a more fluid pandispan. Simple!

It makes Kaiserschmarrn to drizzle with semolina and is very tasty & # 8211 see the recipe here.

I kept thinking about how to translate the name of this kind into Romanian and I found the & # 8222firimituri imperiale & # 8221 variant as the most appropriate (and in Hungarian it is also translated). No, there are no imperial pancakes & those are done differently. Idea imperial pancakes it is also based on egg foam but baked on one side and folded or built in the shape of a cake, with a lot of powdered sugar and cinnamon sprinkled between layers. You can find their recipe here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6 servings of Kaiserschmarrn.

Sausages with cheese & # 8211 Viennese Käsekrainer

Sausages with cheese & # 8211 Käsekrainer. I had my first meeting with Käsekrainer as a child, in the & # 821780, right at their home & # 8211 in Vienna. We had the unique opportunity to escape on a trip with my mother and after visiting everything we could we stopped at a stand of & # 8222Würstl & # 8221 (sausages).

I chose Käsekrainer & # 8211 I still loved cheese.

What a taste! I was surprised that through the red sausage I found nuggets of hot, melted cheese. Very good!

When I got home, my grandmother asked me how it was. And I replied: the Austrians are doing so well that instead of fat and stingy in sausages they put cheese! Obviously, my statement came to fruition, I was about 12 years old at the time, but I realized that the salamis here had nothing to do with the ones outside & # 8230 and I had been thinking about Käsekrainer for many years. Since then, whenever I have the opportunity to go to Vienna, there is no need not to take a Käsekrainer, so remember & # 8230 and not only. The version here is a homemade version, the ones in Vienna are drier. But the taste differs slightly from the sausage we know and the cheese gives it a special flavor.

Culinary refinements from the land of classical music

Although the Austro-Hungarian Empire has long since disappeared, the aus & shy & shytrian cuisine still retains its flavor today.

Although the Austro-Hungarian Empire has long since disappeared, the aus & shy & shytrian cuisine still retains its flavor today. Why do I say that? & shyBecause Austrian gastronomy can be called a & ldquochet kitchen & rdquo, where the influence of cultures from the provinces of the Empire is felt.

It is a synthesis of all the pieces of Central Europe: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slo Shyvenia, Italy, Romania (Transylvania & Shynia) or Switzerland, countries that were once under the rule of the Habsburg Empire.

Specific preparations

If you arrive in any of the Austrian regions, you will be invited to taste & shyta from their famous & ldquoKn & oumldel & rdquo, a kind of dumplings, salty or sweet, filled with meat, greens or fish. The most famous varieties of Kn & oumldel are Serviettenkn & oumldel (a large cream-based dumpling, baked in a bain-marie and served slices), Marillen & shykn & oumldel (sweet potato dumplings, stuffed with apricots and served with meat and cinnamon) ) and Speckn & oumldel (cream dumplings).

& Icircn Austrian cuisine, soups occupy an important place. Fritatten & shysuppe (soup with pancake slices), Leberkn & oumldelsuppe (soup with liver), Gulaschsuppe or Schwammerlsuppe are just a few, which you can hardly refrain from.

The meat is also prepared in a very special way. I only remind you of Wiener schnitzel (Viennese schnitzel) and Wiener Tafelspitz, a lean veal broth, dishes that we also cook at home, although we may not know their origins & shynea. Austrian cakes such as Schlagobers, Linzer torte, Mozart & shykugeln, Kaiserguglhupf, Sacher Torte or Topfen are the delight of any meal, enjoyed in classical music chords.

Kn & oumldel - Potato dumplings

Ingredients: 1.5 kg potatoes, 200 g flour, salt, 20 g butter, 50 g white bread (cut into pieces), two liters of water.
Preparation: Boil the potatoes, mix well with the flour and salt until a crust is obtained. Divide the cake into 12 pieces, flatten and place the pieces of toast in the middle (the bread must be toasted in butter). Mash the dumplings, then pass them through the flour and put them in salted water when it boils. Boil for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it sit in the water for another 5-10 minutes. Serve with various steaks with sauce.

Griessnockerlsuppe - Soup in semolina dumplings

Ingredient: 60 g butter, two eggs, 120 g semolina, two tablespoons milk, a teaspoon grated walnuts, salt.Preparation: beat the butter until it becomes creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients one at a time. Allow the composition of 20 mi & shynu & shyte to settle. If this composition is too soft, add a little semolina, and if it is too hard, pour a little water. Form dumplings with a spoon and put them lightly in boiling salted water. The dumplings are ready when they rise to the surface. They are put in beef soup when served.

K & aumlsesp & aumltzie - Noodles with cheese

Ingredient: 250 ml water, a pinch of salt, a little nutmeg, 4 eggs, 400 g flour, 150 g grated cheese, salt, pepper, 150 g onion, a little flour, frying oil, 30 g butter.
Preparation: mix in water spices & shyniile and eggs. Add flour little by little. Pass the coca through a wide strainer & shyoa & shyre to get the noodles. These & shytia are put in hot water and boiled. Remove from the water and allow to cool. Tai & shyţeii thus obtained are placed in a tray. On top add the cheese, sa & shyrea & shyză and pepper. Cut the onion into rounds. They are salted and passed through flour, then fried in oil. Take them out of the pan and put them over yours & shyţei & shy. Pour the melted butter on top and serve immediately with various salads.

Kaiserguglhupf - Kouglhof Imperial

Ingredient: 140 g butter, 140 g sugar, 4 egg yolks, a little warm milk, vanilla essence, a little lemon juice, 3 drops of rum, 280 g flour, brewer's yeast, 50 g raisins, 4 beaten egg whites, butter and flour for uns tava.

Preparation: mix butter, sugar, egg yolks and spices. Gradually add milk, flour and raisins. Put the egg whites lightly. Grease a pan with butter and powder with flour. Add the composition to it and let it bake until it turns brown. When it has cooled, it is powdered with sugar. Cut only after it has cooled completely.

Drinks in Austria

The popular drinks of the Austrians are coffee, Almdudler (lemonade with mountain herbs), Holler (a drink infused with polenta flowers), mulled wine, beer, wine, schnapps.

As the winery is well developed in the country, when you visit Austria, it is worth trying local wines of such brands & ldquoHeuriger & rdquo, & ldquoSchilcher & rdquo, & ldquoGruner Veltrinner & rdquo, & ldquoMorrilan & rdquo, & ldquo;

You should definitely try Austrian beer - it is famous for its very high quality (Zwicklbier, Wiebe, Marzen).

Bavarian style culinary treat

Undoubtedly, Bavarian cuisine has its own specifics, a "culinary dowry" passed down from generation to generation. The way a menu is made reflects a long history.

In Germany, each region has its own kitchen. In the west, a lot of vegetables are eaten, and in the south, in Bavaria, an important role is played by consistent meat and fat dishes.

Chosen dishes

Vegetables, meat, and other spicy ingredients are in vogue among connoisseurs. We go in search of them and discover them at the Danke Bavaria restaurant, in Bucharest. This time, we entice you with a platter on which sits majestically a… ciolan with cabbage, prepared by chef Marc Kroll. We are trying, together with Marc, to share with you some of the secrets of Bavarian cuisine. The young chef came to Romania for five years “and I stayed here. I like people, the mountains and the sea ", he says. He has been a cook for 16 years "because I have been working since I was 15", Marc begins his story. I ask him what a Bavarian family eats for lunch?

"The soups are served in the opening. In great demand are lentils (linsensuppe) and goulash (gulaschsuppe), a soup made from beef, with carrots, peppers, hot and sweet paprika, grated lemon peel and lots of onions. In both ways, beef broth (tafelspitz) is eaten, boiled for about two hours. Serve with horseradish garnish, apple or boiled vegetable puree, then stuffed pork stew (schweinebraton) with bread dumpling garnish. For dessert, caramelized fluffy pancakes (kaiserschmarrn) with plum compote are preferred. Bake the pancakes and cut into slices. Melt the sugar, then add the butter and put the slices of pancakes in the caramel obtained. Here, in our restaurant, it is the most ordered dessert ", Marc tells us.

Potato soup


150 g smoked ribs
100 g mushrooms
100 g carrots
100 g celery
150 g potatoes
1 onion
150 ml cream

Method of preparation:

The vegetables are washed, cleaned and diced. The ribs are cut into strips. Fry the vegetables with the ribs, pour 500 ml of water and boil for about 15 minutes. Season with spices, then incorporate the cream, taking care not to cheese


150 g dry bread
125 g milk
400 g finely chopped spinach
50 g breadcrumbs
25 g flour
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 or

For gasket:
150 g butter
80 g parmesan or grated cheese

Method of preparation:

The bread is soaked in milk and squeezed well. Chop the onion and garlic, add the breadcrumbs, egg, breadcrumbs, flour and spinach. Mix all the ingredients, then sprinkle the spices. Form dumplings and boil in boiling water. Separately, melt the butter, pour over the dumplings and sprinkle with grated cheese or Parmesan.

Ciolan with sour cabbage


1 ciolan
½ finely chopped sour cabbage
bread dumplings (prepared as in the recipe for "spinach dumplings", but without spinach)

Method of preparation:

Bake in the oven for two and a half hours with plenty of salt for the crust. Heat the cabbage and sprinkle with finely chopped green dill. Peel a squash, grate it and serve with sauerkraut and dumplings.

TEXT: Maria Belu
PHOTO: Sorin Stana

Video: How To Make TAFELSPITZ: The Classic Austrian Way (June 2022).


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